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The Rise And Rise Of Sage Robbins

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As many of you may know a few short years ago Tony Robbins got divorced from his wife Becky. They had been married for many happy years until sadly they decided to part ways. One can never truly know why these things end up happening but one could guess that it may be due to the stresses of Tony's busy lifestyle which involved him travelling the world to conduct personal development seminars.

However, unlike in other celebrity break-ups this one does have a happy ending. Tony and Becky are still on amicable terms with each other and more than that Tony went onto to meet the new love of his life in the form of Sage Robbins.

Sage Robbins is a real beauty with a gorgeous slim figure and beautiful blonde hair. She is an intelligent lady and one of the things which caused her to attract Tony's attention was how sharp she is. Tony says that he like to be pushed and challenged and admits that he really has met his match in the form of Mrs Sage Robbins!

Recently, Tony and Sage produced a relationship package which is helping couples around the world to live happier and more fulfilled lives. Tony and Sage work really hard every day on living their values and finding ways to make each other happy and content.

What does the future hold for Sage Robbins? Well this is an interesting question! With Tony at her side there is no doubting the fact that the opportunities available to her are mind-boggling. Imagine the thought of Tony & Sage Robbins on the same stage teaching self development or maybe even co-authoring a new book.

One thing is certain and that is that the future for Mrs Sage Robbins is very bright indeed. With her drop dead gorgeous looks and quick thinking mind, and let's not forget Tony at her side, the sky truly does seem the limit!

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